Possible Mold Presence at Queens School Gets Parents Concerned

mold 300x295 Possible Mold Presence at Queens School Gets Parents ConcernedMoisture triggers mold growth. And with the massive flooding that Sandy brought to New York, you could say that the state is still vulnerable to mold even after weeks the storm landed. With that and the fact that exposure to the spores causes several health risks, it is easy to understand why parents are so concerned about the possible mold presence in one Queens school.

P.S./M.S. 114 is specifically that Queens school parents are worried about. When Sandy made its landfall, the school was one of the badly affected. Its auditorium and gym were swamped by the storm. And though those two places are off limit as of the moment, parents still hesitate to let their kids go back to school.

So to reassure parents and kids that the P.S./M.S. 114 is safe, officials said they will have it professionally checked. However, it’s not clear when the result will be revealed.

To anybody, mold is a health risk. For those who are sensitive to mold spores, exposure to it could cause asthma attack, other allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Even to those with no history of mold allergy, it could cause irritation of the eyes, nose and skin.

So with those health risks that it poses, there is indeed a reason for parents of P.S./M.S. 114 to be concerned. However, always keep in mind that mold could grow anywhere and not just in school buildings. Even your house, it could infest. Hence, it is imperative to be always on the look out for mold presence and be ready to do a prompt mold treatment.

Nonetheless, make sure that whatever product you will use is safe. Otherwise, your family will be at greater risk. And to ensure that your mold removal is indeed safe, use an organic-based mold remediation spray.

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